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Lost Dog Street Band

Lost Dog Street Band - Glory (Vinyl LP/CD)

Lost Dog Street Band - Glory (Vinyl LP/CD)

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Glory, the sixth studio album from dark country group Lost Dog Street Band, is a carefully-crafted collection of honest, low-down songwriting, and elegant instrumentation. Lost Dog co-founder, lead vocalist and songwriter, Benjamin Tod digs deep into the highs and lows of hard living to craft ten moving tracks that explore the consequences of addiction, the struggle between doubt and determination, the power of love, and the importance of authenticity in a world that too often substitutes truth for facade. Glory draws heavily from Tod’s personal experiences, and listeners will realize that this album is more than a recollection of the past: it is a carefully-balanced combination of reflection and intention for the future that is woven together through appreciation and insight gained from searching for the light in the darkness.

Tod’s honest and reflective lyrics are accompanied by his emotive guitar and banjo playing alongside the elegant harmonies and deft fiddling of his partner in life and music, Ashley Mae. The band’s clear chemistry and talent is further complemented by the skilled and stoic Jeff Loops on bass, and the adroit dobro playing of guest musician, Douglas Francisco.

1. Until I Recoup (Glory I)
2. Fighting Like Hell To Be Free
3. Beautiful Curse
4. What Keeps Me Up Now
5. Jalisco Bloom
6. End With You
7. Cost Of The High
8. Hayden's Lament
9. Losing Again
10. I Believe (Glory II)

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